Natural Parenting Blog Party: Get to Know Me

I am glad to have found this blog party thru one of my favorite mom bloggers! I love linking up with new blogs! If this is your first visit, thanks for coming and hope you'll keep reading...giveaways are coming soon! If you are a regular, thank you for your support!
Jenny, at The Peaceful Housewife gave us some great questions to get to know one another so here it goes:

1. How many children do you have and how old are they?
    Two little sprouts...a daughter, 2.5 years old and a son, 7 months old

2. Do you have a partner, or are you a single parent?
    Happily married to my husband of almost 6 years

3. What are your "hot button" parenting issues?
    Don't get me started on what we feed our children and farming processes; also, over medicating our kids

4. Have you made any parenting choices that you didn't think you would make before you were a parent?
    I have a totally different disciple approach than I thought I would.

5. Is there one book or person in particular that's heavily influenced your parenting choices?
    Green Babies, Sage Mommies is one of my favorite reads and of course, the Bible

6. If you describe each of your children using only one word, what word would you use?
    Madeline - Free spirited
    Benjamin - cuddly

7. Is there one parenting decision that you regret more than others and wish you could change?
    The only thing that comes to mind is giving my oldest Tylenol after her first shots just because everyone was telling me I should. I regret medicating her unnecessarily and never did it again...and guess what?! No fever or issues (probably also thanks to a much better schedule at our pediatrician compared to the traditional schedule)

8. Is there an area of parenting that you wish you were better at?
    Patience...I have gotten pretty good at it but from time to time I forget that a toddler is going to have a different pace and have to remind myself that she's still learning and to be patient.

9. Now for fun questions - is there one particular food or type of food that you could eat every day?
    Indian food for sure! I LOVE it!

10. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate?
    Vanilla, then you can add lots of yummy fruit to it!

11. What's your guilty pleasure?
    Ice cream...I love it but am trying to make my our Popsicles (see awesome book ICE POP JOY!) to be healthier; scrapbooking and laying outside and watching the clouds roll by...

12. If you could be a part of any TV show, what show would it be?
    Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, food and education...two of my favorite topics!

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  1. Hi! So glad to meet you through the blog party. :)

  2. Nice to meet you through the blog party :)


  3. Hello from the Natural Parenting Blog Party!

    I added the book you mentioned to my To Read list!

    I'm now following you on GFC :-)

  4. Laying outside to watch the clouds hardly seems like it should be a *guilty* pleasure! :-) Glad to have found your blog!

  5. I'm a food nut too! Unfortunately, my husband is not so much...:)

  6. Stopping by from Natural Parenting Blog Party, and I agree with you on the hot button topic. I am an advocate of Real Food for Real People

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments! Looking forward to this party and LOVING all the discovery of Christian, natural parents out there:-)

  8. Hi there, It was lovely to read all about you. This blogging party was a great idea. Ive answered all the questions too over at http://rachel.probert.me.uk

  9. So glad to have found you through the party!
    I absolutely love Green Babies, Sage Moms. It has caused so much change in this house! Same goes for Indian food - I've been making curries and roti and samosas like crazy lately :)

  10. Hi there! Nice to meet you! Just saying hi from the Blog Party! :)

  11. Hopping over from NP blog party. I too share your views on using too much medicine. I'm proud to say our DD has had nothing at all - we've used herbs, essential oils, alternative therapies and she is SO robust and fit. I think nature does a pretty cool job!

    Mrs Green @littlegreenblog.com

  12. So nice to meet you through the Blog Party! :)

  13. Nice to meet you! Visiting from the blog party! :) I'm working on changing how we eat. Starting slowly (not that we are terrible) but we do need improvements!

  14. Just now making it over to say hi from the Blog Party. This month has been crazy! I too agree that we over medicate. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food" Looking forward to a grabbing a few moments to read more on your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.