A Must Buy for Eco, Health Conscience Parents!

Recently (on the release day) I purchased an amazing new cookbook that is a "must have" for parents looking for yummy treats that are also health-conscience.

Anni Daulter, author of Organically Raised (featured on my top 5 baby/toddler cookbook listing) has done an amazing job in her newest book, Ice Pop Joy, combining the naturally sweet fruits that kids love with everything from veggies to tofu. This book features beautiful photos (by Alexandra DeFurio) of the pops and kids enjoying them. Just the photos make me want a pop...they look so refreshing!

One of my favorite features is that she uses agave nectar, honey, coconut sugar or even no sweetener at all! All of these items have low glycemic indexes and are far less processed than your standard bleached-white table sugar. There are fruit, veggie, yogurt, tofu, herbal tea, chocolate and specialty pops; some even have a great source of protein...wonderful for the vegetarian sprouts! One of the Herbal tea pops are great for sprouts with soar throats, you get the numbing comfort of the ice cold pop and the healing properties of the tea... a win, win!

We most recently tried one of the speciality pops that has quinoa in it! I must say, I thought having a protein like quinoa in my pop would be strange but they are super yummy! Even my two year old sprout loves them! (And the purple color from the blueberries doesn't hurt, as she loves everything purple!)

I can't sing the praises of this book enough! Parents, grandparents and anyone who wants the refreshing sweetness of Popsicles without all the artificial junk...this is a must have! I have recommended it for mother's day gifts already! So, as the weather warms, pull out your Popsicle molds (or purchase cute BPA-free one's on Amazon) and start creating! And of course, go organic and local whenever possible!

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