Healthy Halloween

This week we had a blast with out all the sugar crash! From fun fall crafts to cute halloween lunches our sprouts enjoyed all the fun of the holiday without all the junk. We got goodie bags from Whole Foods and cannot wait to do the candy trade in at Earthfare tomorrow! We enjoyed a yummy meal with friends before trick or treating which kept the sprouts full and help curb the desire to eat their stash. 

Most parents sort candy only for allergies or open packages (or, let's be honest, our favorite treats) but we also sort for artificial colors and GMO's...which means a lot of things got tossed. (I know some folks will say I should have donated it but I can't in good consise give anyone that junk!) We got left with lots of chocolate and a few real sugar items...but the kids had a blast and no one really needs all that candy, a little square of organic chocolate makes our sprouts very happy! 

So, here's our healthy and spooky lunch boxes from this week: 

Hope you had a healthy, happy eco-halloween! Don't forget to compost those pumpkins!