Start them young

Just a happy reminder to start you sprouts young on healthy, organic goods to create a lifetime of good choices ; enjoy Independence Weekend!


Foodie Friday

What's you fourth of July plans? BBQ? Picnic? Tell us how your celebrating and share your recipes!


This week's beautiful produce

Thrifty Thursday

Due to technical issues I will only be posting locations of great sales this week...sorry readers! I will be back soon! PC is being repaired.

Publix has a lot of great deals including bogo hummus and 2.99 kashi products

Stop by 14 carrot for the new Heathly Clippings and Mambo Sprouts, including cascading farm coupons. Perfect for publix sales!

Visit Earthfare this saturday for $1 burgers and hot dogs to celebrate the fourth! Plus check out all the great new sales for the month.

Also stop by the south Carolina state farmers market for wastonia organic product at great prices, including peaches!


Computer issues

Hopefully I will catch a break soon. I have to delay my giveaway as my PC is down.  Keep watching though!


A break for Tuesday...

All of my attention is on the South Carolina gamecocks tonight! Let's Go Gamecocks! Oh and here's a tip...tomorrow's post could be VERY rewarding!


Sunday's Eco Inspiration

"only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money." -Cree Indian Proverb