Listening walk with Fairies!

We so enjoyed actually seeing snow in South Carolina this week! After reading "The Listening Walk" in class Monday that gave me an idea! 

We bundled up, and after heading to the playground to try out a frozen slide we went on a Listening walk around our pond. I was amazed at the things the kids heard! They really took the activity seriously and they heard everything from snow falling of the trees, to birds, to shoes crunching in the snow, even the cars in the distance. I enjoyed the brisk beautiful nature and cardinal spotting I was able to do along our walk as well. 

No snow day would be complete without snow angels and snowpeople so we created a snow fairy complete with toadstool throne and castle. I love our families imagination! 

Enjoy our pictures and eco-live and laugh with us!


I'm so excited to announce...

I am now a Barefoot Books Ambassador! Our family absolutely loves these books and I can't wait to share them with others:-) if anyone is interested in hosting a party I would love to help you earn some free books! Feel free to visit my site at heather-connor.barefootbooks.com and I can't wait to share book reviews here as well!


MLK Day and a free family outing

One of the many joys of my new job is more family time. For Martin Luther King Jr. Day the whole family decided to go hiking at Preachtree Rock. It was a wonderfully sunny and comfortably warm day (SC weather is so strange!) to enjoy nature and it's beauty and the best part?! It was totally free!
I would like to encourage each of you to try out these types of things around your town...sometimes the most rewarding fun is free! So give it a try and Eco-live and laugh with me!