CSA and Market goodies

07/20/13 Man oh man! I've never had a fresh apricot until this week and YUMMY! I'm so addicted:-) loves of goodies this week...red & yellow sweet cherries, corn, mushrooms, veggie burgers, ravioli, peaches, apricots, tomatoes, potatoes, pita bread, seasonal herb pasta, squash blossoms, Himalayan cucumber, cucumber melon, garlic, purple dragon carrots, and a GIANT zucchini

07/13/13 man, it was a HOT ONE! Geez, I'm a heat wuss after one year in the Midwest, lol. But, no matter heat, rain or cold...I love my market! The whole family overslept so I rushed out at 8:30 so not to miss the goodies! This week was even better with FOUND, a fairly new and amazing sounding ( can't completely vouch yet...date night soon?) was demoing squash blossom quesadillas with a succotash...I made it in time to watch and taste. Can you say DELISH?! The fresh crisp and sweetness of the raw veggies in the succotash coupled with the buttery, cheesy yet somehow lite flavors of the squash blossom quesadilla was like a summer fiesta, southern style in my mouth. I plan to try my hand at it this week and will for sure blog the results. Here's this weeks haul: blueberries, tart cherries, eggplant, zucchini, two types of cucumber, squash blossoms, hummus, wild blackberries, rainbow carrots, green beans, yellow wax beans, pattypan squash, white onion, and mild Italian peppers.

07/06/13 So happy to be back at the market! Last weekend family came to town and I missed the market. But WOW miss one week and summer happens! I was so excited to start to see tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and blueberries! Here's this weeks goodies: red onions, tart cherries, baby kale, broccoli, lettuce leaf basil, Swiss chard, mushrooms, blueberries, spinach, cabbage,heirloom tomatoes, olives, pita bread, pasta, and cucumbers. Oh, and lovely sunflowers! I also got some canning items from the Ball demo they had going on. So glad I frozen asparagus 2 weeks ago because its long gone!

6/22/13 Even though we had a family adventure today we couldn't miss the market! It drizzled a bit but I hurried through, gathering our week's goodies: carrots, lettuce leaf basil, Swiss chard, parsley, the very last week of asparagus (4 bundles to freeze), golden beets, broccoli, eggs, scallions, lettuces, pac choi, baguette, mushrooms and then from our adventure...red raspberries and strawberries! I also grabbed breakfast for us in the car from the market...walnut cinnamon roll and apple bran muffin. Delicious day for sure!

6/15/13 It's so exciting to watch the harvest grow and change before your eyes! I was determined to go to the market regardless of the rain threat and I'm so glad I did! Here's this weeks goodies: broccoli (the first of the season), some of the juiciest sweetest strawberries I've ever tasted, lettuces, rainbow carrots(first of season), a new stir fry veggie (name?), a mixed bag of mushrooms, golden beets, yellow scallions, apothecary clove honey, cabbage, pizza dough, pasta, and a small late season asparagus bundle.

6/8/13 the hubby did me a huge favor since I had to work today. He took the sprouts (& my list) to the market! I am so happy I didn't have to miss the yummy freshness this week. We purchased: strawberries, cilantro (no joke, I could eat the stuff by the handful), Swiss chard, kale, Italian spinach, salad greens, spinach, green garlic, red onions, baby portobellos and they also enjoyed scones for breakfast! I am super excited that this Sunday marks the opening of strawberry u-pick season so we will be doing that VERY soon (I'm sure ill post about it)...oh, I can't wait! Homemade jam, smoothies, freezing some, the possibilities are almost endless!

6/1/13 We made the market a family affair today, getting breakfast at the market and enjoying time with church friends as well. We purchased: STRAWBERRIES, spring garlic, red onions, baby portobellos, baby carrots, seasonal herbed pasta, beets, lettuce, spinach and asparagus.

5/25/13 Today's market was a bit chilly but local goodies ae so worth it! I got: portobello caps, eggs, Swiss chard, golden and red beets (with gorgeous greens!), spring garlic, red scallions, salad greens, kale, baby carrots, and tiny first strawberries! I also tried out the empanadas made on site recommended by a friend and boy oh boy was that delicious! Carmalized onion, poblanos and mexican cheese?! Market breakfasts' never disappoint.

5/11/13 I'm back! And picking the blog up on a more manageable schedule. On this tab I will be sharing the goodies I find at our local farmers market as well as goodies from any farm visits. We are currently not in a CSA since our market is so walkable! Here's the goodies from this week's market (minus two big ol' scones the kids devoured) Remember, visit the market with your kids, knowing where your food comes from and talking with farmers is a wonderful gift to them:-)
Here's the goods: portobellos, arugula, kale, salad greens, ramps, sausage, asparagus, chives, sweet potatoes and not pictured: raspberry and blueberry scones

6/16/2011 This week's basket was so great Madeline started eating the cherry tomatoes before we could divide the basket with our friends! We received: basil, thyme, kale, rainbow swiss chard, yellow squash, green peppers, banana peppers, tomatoes (cherry and big boy), two types of cucumbers, onions, potatoes, and of course eggs. Plus, one of the things I now LOVE because of these baskets is tomato sandwiches...yes, family readers that is right, the one who turned her nose at the thought of a tomato sandwich is now savoring every bite! Oh, and let's not forget the bouquet of lovely flowers!

 6/9/2011 Green beans, cabbage, beets, potatoes, banana peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, kale and eggs

6/2/2011 We have color! This week's basket was wonderfully colorful! Beets, potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, red cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes...yummy! I am so excited for all of the variety!

5/26/11 Well, we skipped a box last week since we were on vacation but I heard from the couple we share with that it was great! This week we got: eggs squash (yellow and patty pan), bell peppers, banana peppers, turnips, red and white potatoes, and cabbage. I am super happy about the banana peppers! It's going to be a yummy week!

5/12/11 Wonderful box this week (sorry no picture)! Eggs, potatoes, cabbage, mustard greens, lettuce, spring onions, broccoli, and pan patty squash (picked up extra). I have been wanting to make stuffed cabbage rolls so now we can give them a try! Plus, just saw that they now have beef and pork available...hope to get some of that week after next since we go on vacation next week. Oh, and something SUPER delicious to try: potatoes and turnips mashed together. They make a great vitamin boosted mashed potato dish. YUMMY!
5/5/11 Box #3! You can tell the seasons are moving from cool weather to warmer weather produce...we got a whole head of lettuce this week (probably since the lettuce is getting to that "bitter" point if left in the ground much longer), little potatoes, turnips, collards, spring onions, broccoli (YUMMY!) and of course our eggs. Since we are going back to NC for the weekend I am sharing some with my co-workers and taking the lettuce to make a yummy salad for my husband's family Reunion...gotta sneak in local/organic produce whenever I can!:-) I'm kind of sad there was no Swiss chard but my husband said we are starting to get "real" food now (LOL) guess he had enough of the greens season.
4.29.11 Box number two! Great new additions of turnips! Yummy! Plus, more wonderful Swiss chard, etc. Plus, I got to use some of the eggs in a baby shower cupcake batch and the yokes were so beautiful! This is like Christmas every week with my veggies:-)
4.21.11 Yippee! Today was our first CSA box of the season from Big Moon Farm! Here's a photo of our half of this week's share...lots of yummy greens (collards, chard, kale, arugula, lettuces) plus some spring onions, yellow onions and our farm fresh eggs! Can't wait to get cooking...I'm thinking an Easter frittata is in the making! (ps-shame on the plastic bags but I had not transferred them yet)
4.16.11 The time is near! Our boxes are supposed to begin in the next two weeks and I can't wait! Yummy fresh produce every week! I got a little of my "fix" at the farmer's market for now this week with fresh, organic strawberries, asparagus and lettuces...talk about a delicious dinner! But I just can't wait to see what's in that first box from our CSA...stay posted, I'll let you in on the goodies:-)
3.3.11 I am so ready for our CSA to begin! I have such a bad case of spring fever...but this weekend we are doing our square foot garden so hopefully that will curb some of my fever until our boxes start coming in April. My oldest is so excited about helping mommy with a garden!
2.19.11 I thought it fitting to being talking about CSA's (community supported agriculture) - especially with the wonderfully nice weather we have been having. First, let me start by explaining what a CSA is: a CSA is a community of people who, by purchasing a "stake" in the year (or seasonal) harvest, supports the farmer. In return, the people receive weekly or bi-weekly boxes of vegetables, fruits and/or herbs. Everyone receives something: the farmer gets financial assistance, the members get fresh, local produce and the earth is less polluted because of the locality of the produce. Not to mention that most CSA's practice organic and sustainable farming methods.

And so, I have been wanting to join a CSA since beginning my greener lifestyle journey in college but have never done it for one reason or another...until this year. Thanks to a couple my husband and I are friends with we now had someone to spilt the cost with and joined Big Moon Farm CSA for the spring, summer and fall harvest seasons. And, as an added bonus we will be getting 6 organic eggs each week as well. Now, a CSA seems expensive to start with because you pay upfront for the service but when you divide it out over the months that you receive produce its a wonderful savings and very healthy for your family...fresh, whole foods are the best way to get proper nutrients.

We will begin receiving produce in April and I will keep you updated on what we receive, new recipes we try, and any exciting information surrounding and encouraging joining a CSA of your own.