School Lunch Controversies, My Opinion, and Options!

This week is shaping up to have lots of cafeteria related conversation; probably thanks to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Season 2 returning this evening. And rightly so, as school lunches contain highly processed, nutrient deficient foods. Surely not what will give our kids what they need to focus, learn and participate to their full ability. Below are the links to two articles I have come across this week as well as to Jamie's Petition, which I encourage each of you to sign.

Chocolate Milk Stirs Controversy in Schools

Chicago School bans some lunches brought from home

Jamie's Petition!

I am a firm believer in homemade lunches that involve your sprouts in packing a healthy, delicious lunch that will not only feed them better food but also teaches them how to make healthy choices. Below are some of my favorite lunch items and ideas:

Laptop Lunches

Shop for awesome lunch containers

Muffin Tin Mom

Just get creative! Think outside the PB&J (and stay clear of Lunchables!) and create colorful, delicious and nutritious lunches for your little sprouts!

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  1. thanks for sharing these links; I'm going to check out the inspiration. I agree, there's nothing like a home made, healthy lunch packed full of love to keep my daughter going at lunchtime. Don't forget the note telling them how much you love them either ;)

    Mrs Green @littlegreenblog.com