Quick tips for greening your pets

That's right...green your pets. Chemicals affect pets just as highly (and even sometimes higher) as children. Plus, if your going green with your home and family why wouldn't your four legged family members go green too? Here's my top tips/products I have found success with my two pups.
Feel free to share your natural pet care tips and tricks...I love learning anything new!

1. Holistic, natural pet food (my favorites are Halo, Wellness and Ultra)
2. the book Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals, TONS of great alternatives for ticks and fleas
3. SimplyFido dog toys (my oldest pup has a polyfill allergy and this are wonderful!)
4. Steel or ceramic food/water bowls because your pet doesn't want BPA, PVC or phalates either!
5. Eco-Me Shampoos, gets your pup clean and  smelling nice without washing them down in chemicals.

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