Easy, educational craft...Buzz Buzz!

Not that long ago at preschool my little sprout made the cutest little craft that I just had to pass on to everyone. It's the easiest, most educational craft she has done at  school and she plays with it everyday...even now...two weeks later:-) By this simple toy she has learned how bees make honey, danced like a bee, created her own bumble bee songs, etc. Which goes to show kids only need something simple...you can let their imagination do the rest!

Here's what you need:

A paper plate (get green! Borrow one if you don't have any...don't go purchase a whole new pack)
black electrical tape
wax paper, cut into two little bee wings
a black triangle of paper for the stinger
yellow paints or crayons or markers
wiggly eyes (optional, a black marker will work too)

Let your little one color the plate and if they are old enough, help cut the wings out of the wax paper (a wonderful skill to practice!)
Using electrical tape create the bees black stripes
Let your little sprout stick on the wiggly eyes and glue the stinger on.
Let dry and then glue a little stripe of paper for a handle on the bottom. Let dry.

Then let your little sprout fly! Teach them about how bees make honey, about honeycombs, make up songs, dance and "fly" like a bee...let your imaginations soar! Buzz buzz :-)

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