Potty Training the eco-way!

What's a green mommy to do? Pullups are pushed at us from all sides but then...so are disposable diapers. Don't fear! There are green options avaliable to you. Here's my top 5 picks:

1. Blueberry cloth training pants
2. Gerber Training Pants (LOVE these for daytime training!)
3. Mom Innovations Night Time Training Pants (side snaps are wonderful for a "messy" morning)
4. Little Beetle organic cotton learners (yippee! Organic cotton & snaps!)
5. Happy Heiny training pants (another great night option!)

Most importantly, remember to take time...patience is key with training your toddler. My oldest sprout (2.5years)  is very well daytime trained and we are working on the nap and night training. But we are letting her go at her own pace. For example, we got a training potty and had her sit on it periodically from about 20 months but we didn't get upset if she didn't use it then one day...something clicked! Shortly after her 2nd birthday she decided that she wanted to use the potty and has been ever since. I truely feel that because we didn't push her before she was ready, she has had far fewer accidents.

What are your sucess stories? How about your favorite training pants? Fill us in here!

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