Artificial coloring, behavior issues, and the FDA

This week the US Food and Drug Administration took notice of something the EU and green mom's have been tuned into for some time: artificial coloring affecting a child's behavior. Beside the fact that synthetic colorings are far from green (they are petroleum based for goodness sake!), these colorings have been linked to multiple child behavioral issues by various studies. One such study, conducted by the UK, reported that children behaved impulsively and lacked concentration after consuming beverages with such colorings. Multiple independent studies have found links as well. (click here for a study by color breakdown). Red #40 is even banned in several European countries.

The silver lining in the FDA panel discussing this is that they are finally taking note of all the information long since known by others. Likely, the outcome will be additional research but at least doors of change are opening.

And in the end, nothing is better than a naturally colorful plate of fruits and veggies because those colors come with wonderful nutrients lacking in there dyed counterparts. So look out, check your labels, you may be surprised where you find artificial colorings.

Here is a link for making your own food colorings as well...just another way to be a little greener and cut out all those synthetic colors!

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