Take a hike!

In the woods, that is:-) our family kicked off Memorial Day weekend by visiting the forest preserve near our home. So many teaching moments naturally arise while in nature: examining deer and horse tracks, spotting mushrooms on the side of tree stumps, hearing woodpeckers and a near by stream, counting tree rings to see how old it is, and so much more! Plus, at the entrance the field is full of dandelions and those wonderful seed puffs...so fun for even the adults to blow and see where the seeds may land.
The importance of our children really experiencing nature is summered best in the book Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. It can truly make or break their physical and emotional health. Another two great books to give you ideas for getting out in nature are I Love Dirt! And 15 Minutes Outside.
Get a little nature in everyday! Don't be afraid to jump in puddles and get a little dirt under your nails...it's healthy, I promise.

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