Taco assembly line ~ Foodie Friday

Cooking with your children is so important! Not only is it a great life skill for the future, but preparing meals as a family and sitting down to enjoy together can: teach healthy eating habits and the benefits of local/organic, kids are more open to trying new things when they are involved, if the attitude remains positive its a great self confidence builder, and kids are not stuck in front of the TV or Internet while the adults prepare them food.

Tonight we had a delicious taco bar with:

-shredded organic rotisserie chicken
-Lake Breeze Organics kale, shredded
- 365 Organics fiesta cheese blend
- Organic Valley sour cream
- Henry's Farm spring garlic and red onions, diced
- tomatillo salsa
- organic avocado with Himalayan salt, black pepper and 4 drops DoTerra Lime essential oil, mashed together (the kids and I could eat this alone SO yummy!)
- 365 Organics corn tortillas, room temperature

Everyone got to assemble their own dinner and really enjoyed it! And they each willingly put everything on their taco without the dreaded "eat your veggies comment" you may expect with things like kale on the table:-)

What did your family have for dinner? How do you get the kids involved? I'd love to hear!

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