DIY Clay Diffuser Necklace

Recently a fellow colleague and I held a clay diffuser necklace make&take class on essential oils. We had a blast! It is so healing to get you hands dirty and really work and create something with your own hands. And, since the clay used is air dry it's not difficult at all!
There are so many benefits to essential oils and with this method we are able to take advantage of the aromatic benefits. Not only are there emotional pros (mood elevation, calming, etc) certain oils can also purify the air and kill air borne pathogens. Why wouldn't everyone want a diffuser necklace, right?
I know I am loving using mine! My children wore them with a drop of the calming blend on a family outing and what a wonderful difference! I wore mine to work with the purifying blend to help with the aroma my office has from a recent flood...and I would much rather be smelling my necklace that's for sure!
So, here's what we did:
Air dry terra cotta clay
Cording for finish necklaces
Various small cookie cutters
Old spice jars ( they acted as mini rolling pins)
Parchment paper (helped keep the table clean)
Stamps (for imprinting designs)
Straws and skewers ( to make hole for cording and make designs in the clay)

How To-
Let your creativity flow! There is no "right" shape. We all made different but beautiful creations, even clay beads...the possibilities are limitless. Once complete let the "charms" dry completely (mine took about two days but this may range with size) add cording and a single drop of the oil you've chosen (rubbed to the surface of your necklace). Enjoy the effects of your oil!
WARNING: don't be alarmed if others ask about your aroma, the olfactory system is an amazing thing:-)

I hope you'll enjoy some photos of our groups great creations and be inspired to attempt this on your own. For any inquiries or for more information on essential oils feel free to message me or visit my website, www.mydoterra.com/simplyeco
Essential Oils have changed our family and our health for the better and sharing is always so fulfilling.

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