A wonderful day of play, discovery and frittata!

A clean and comfortable 67 today...yup, that's right on June 4th it's in the 60's....and we are loving every minute of it!
Since I had the day off today and the sprouts don't start summer camp until Monday it was wonderful to enjoy a family day in the middle of the week. And it wouldn't be an eco-family day without the great outdoors!
After a granola breakfast we headed out toward the lighthouse lakefront park; it's not the quick, easy park next door but for a good 15-20 minute walk its so worth it! And there was no need to rush...we stopped to smell flowers, pick dandelions, tossed up "helicopters" (maple seed pods), and pretended we could fly! Once at the park, imagination was the name of the game! Pirates was the favorite, complete with walking the plank. Then, slides, swings and wishing to go out on the beach...gotta get those tokens! My oldest sprout is loving spotting birds right know so she announced cardinals and robins left and right.
After about 1 1/2 hours we ventured home...not taking the same path we ventured right across a field full of clover flowers that smelled wonderful! The kids proceeded to make bouquets of dandelions, clover and grasses along the way...even giving me a flower or two for my hair. Isn't it wonderful how kids don't see weeds but rather a plethora of beauty?!
After a little rest we got out two mini schnauzers and went to the park by our home because the sprouts never tire of outside time. I love that they go straight to imagining with sticks and running around. In fact, it would be amazing to see a natural playground appear here!  The best was hearing them "hiking" with walking sticks looking for monkeys in the "jungle" (our park is plant/tree/bush lined so its perfect!)
For dinner I played off of a great recipe I found on Pinterest and made a frittata. Here's the ingredients I used but all the cooking times were the same:
- Lake Breeze Organics eggs (I just love seeing all the shell colors when I open the carton!)
- Lake Breeze Organics kale & asparagus
- Henry's Organic Farm spinach & green garlic
- River Valley Kitchen baby portobello mushrooms
- 365 organic shredded fiesta cheese
- fresh ground black pepper and Himalayan salt
- olive oil

Here's a picture (though its an iPad pic so quality is lacking...) share your day and dinner with me, how did you green up your day?

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