Who says a rainy day has to be boring?

Ah, April (and late March) showers bring May flowers...but oh how those showers can test a parent's creativity! But here's a few fail-proof ideas to stop "cabin-fever" before it starts:

1. Start off with a super neat craft project by painting with the rain! Here's how: take a almost empty watercolor tray and break up the leftover paints then reusing an old pie tin waited down with a rock or two place a paper in the tin and let your little one design a picture with the paint pieces. Set the tin outside in the rain and let the drops get creative! Once the rain slows or stops bring in the picture to dry and see how the drops painted a unique raindrop work of art!
2. Sing songs and dance! The Itsy Bitty Spider, Raindrops falling on my head, even dancing like a raindrop...all that wiggling is sure to get the giggles going on gloomy day.
3. Have a picnic inside. Spread out a blanket, make some ants on a log (or try dried cranberries for fire ants on a log!) and complete the picnic by singing the ants go marching...
4. Once the rain slows or stops...get out the galoshes and go puddle splashing! Don't forget to teach about how the rain gave the plants a good drink of water, washed away the sneezy pollen, etc. Getting your children out after a rain is a whole new world for them to explore!

So don't fret next time the forecast calls for rain, just start planning your picnic and pull out the paints!

What's your rainy day childhood memories? What do you do with your kids on rainy days?

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