Good Life Cafe West Columbia, SC

 Today our whole family had an eating adventure at Good Life Cafe! They are a new all raw, vegan and organic restaurant in West Columbia and though we are not all raw (though we add raw foods to our diet frequently) it is so wonderful to see a plant friendly restaurant in the area...even my husband and 2 year old enjoyed it. I was excited from the moment that I saw a wipe board with their menu...that way they can change the menu by what's available for the day or season. Fresh! Then to see REAL glass cups, silverware and china was wonderful! So many sit down restaurants have moved to plastic everything and with all the studies around hot foods and plastic chemical leaching that was refreshing!

My husband tried their fruit salad with cinnamon crackers. He can be a bit skeptical but he really enjoyed it and LOVED the pumpkin seed crisp that came on top. I guess I am going to have to find a recipe to make them. My oldest sprout and I enjoyed the sample plate featuring mock chicken salad, kale salad, fruit salad, taco salad, Thai lettuce cup and another salad (I am not sure the name of it). All of it was so fresh, delicious and nutritious but my favorites were the taco, kale and lettuce cup. Yummy! My oldest enjoyed the fruit, kale and mock chicken salads. So all in all sharing with her worked out well :-)

It was wonderful to feel energized after eating lunch rather than sluggish and sleepy thanks to antioxidants, phytonutrients and all around good food!

I highly recommend trying this great new restaurant on Leaphart Road in West Columbia; open M-Sat 7a-8p serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. And remember to introduce your children young to the wonderful tastes of fresh foods and you'll help to develop a lifetime of good choices.

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