Plastic leaching...more than just BPA

What do you serve your children's snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner in? If you've been careful to avoid BPA (now banned in many children's products) great job! However, there are now studies that show there are other harmful things related to plastics. You run into issues heating in plastics due to an increase in leaching by heating, plus there are many endocrine disruptors that can leach from platics. Not to mention that though you can recycle many plastics much of children's character plates and such cannot be recycled as they are missing the symbol or they are a polymer blend. So, what's a parent to do? Well, here's a list of some of my favorite products:
1. pampered chef glass prep bowls

And remember, every change is better than no change at all...elimate as many plastics as you can from your home...with these products I am sure you won't miss them!

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