Recycling at Apartment complexes...why not?

A good friend of mine brought to my attention that many apartment complexes in our area do not recycle though they are located in city limits and recycling is available. So, what's the reasoning?

Well, I intend to look into this and find out! Especially with mixed recycling available in the area...so I want to know: if you or someone you know lives in an apartment complex do they offer recycling for the complex? If not, do you know there reasoning? If so, how do they handle collections? All comments and ideas are appreciated!


  1. I'm trying to think back to my days in an apartment over by Harbison. Not sure if collection was totally available over there anyway (I don't think so), but my guess is that they believe they already have too much trouble managing garbage. I think they're scared of different kinds of recycling floating around, or having multiple containers available. But I will be honest, my favorite part of going to the dump when I was little was tossing our glass bottles into the HUGE glass bins. Crashing glass was an awesome sound! I miss that...

  2. I know! I loved doing that as a little kid (okay...so it still would be fun:o) Which apartments? Trying to dig into this and hopefully make some changes...

  3. Well, since we're now in the bay area (the epicenter of green living) they apartment complex not only offers sorted recycling bins in the garage but also organic compost bins. It's pretty amazing!