Natural Play and eco-friendly playgrounds

Children don't need self explanatory toys...give them a toilet paper roll or a stick and watch as their imaginations go wild! A horn, a wand, etc. the sky is the limit! And thankfully many city and state parks are realizing this. Natural play spaces are popping up all over the US featuring tree stumps, tee pees of twigs, sandy areas, etc. It's wonderful! Inspiring a child to imagine and create is one of natures best abilities. So check your local parks or forests and see if they have a natural play area, if so, great! Go check it out! If not gather with a group of like-minded parents and see if you can get one...and it's not expensive because there are not mass produced plastics, metals, or wood to purchase; you just work with nature!

However, I know the swing sets and slides are also a ton of fun! But be sure that you are making environmentally friendly choices when purchasing a play set (or better yet get involved in your communities choices for there public play areas). Here are a few ideas for making better choices: purchase reused play areas on Craigslist or EBay or your local kids thrift shop, be sure that any wooden sets are not formaldehyde treated, and check out CedarWorks play sets...they have lots of choices and are super cute and environmentally friendly.

Don't hinder your child's imagination with tons of one use toys...instead, give them the tools of nature and watch as they create and learn!

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