Interesting Information for Wine lovers

I came across an article on Organic Authority today that talks about how boxed wines are more eco-friendly than glass bottles. Here's a few of the stats and then some eco-ideas for all those beautiful bottles:
-box wine is 95% wine and only 5% packaging
-if 97% of wines sales switched to boxes we could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2 million tons per year
-boxes preserve wine longer than glass

Upcycling craft ideas:
-use in a planter as an automatic watering bottle
-make glasses
-a unique chandler
- a lantern
-olive oil bottle

What are your thoughts? Do you like boxed wines?

Cutaway of a box of wine.


  1. I wish winemakers would produce a better selection of quality boxed wines. Alternative packaging is starting to catch on, but the choices are still really limited. I hope that changes.


  2. Same here! There are a few good Australian wines that are boxed but hopefully the more sustainable packaging will catch on else where...especially Frey (which is a great organic wine!)