DoTERRA essential oils and Ministry

As I mentioned yesterday, I attended a wonderfully enlightening session on essential oils hosted by Grace Meyer. Before I get a little into the information on essential oils I wanted to touch on what a wonderfully Godly women I was blessed to meet. Mrs. Meyer feels that God has given her this passion and information and it was so wonderful to hear her speak about something natural, eco-friendly and holistic in a faith based perspective. She even had verses of scripture that speak of the use of oils...it is amazing to see that God truly did give us everything we need; even for sickness and injury. As an added bonus, whatever profits she makes from selling these oils is used to go toward funding a "tent-making" ministry that she and her family will soon embark on. She also offers aromatouch massage for back and foot therapy for donations of $15 or more that go toward funding the ministry as well.

As a little background on my holistic approaches I typically have a tea for the issue (i.e. Throat Coat, etc.) and we use Boiron products (Chestal, Roxilia, Cold Calm, etc.). I knew a little about essential oils going to this session but mainly had heard of them being used as pillow sprays and to curb appetite. It was amazing to learn some of the science behind the oils as well.

DoTERRA essential oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and come from extracts of plants; they are 50 to 70 times more concentrated and powerful than herbs or teas and offer similar properties to commercial drugs without the chemical side effects. Basically the oils have varied properties that get into cells and "clean them up". And you can use the oils in a variety of manners (some of them are not to be used in all three manners but they let you know if you can't use a particular method): Aromatically to affect mood, clean the air and open airways; Topically by massage and localized application to offer immune support and comfort; and Internally for "direct contact" to the ailment.

Here's a few types of oils and some of there benefits: lemon-cleans, soothes, disinfects, and detoxifies; melaleuca (tea tree)- skin rashes, blemishes, etc. "skin aid"; frankincense (which was brought to Jesus...super neat!)- supports overall immune function..."when in doubt, use frankincense"; and they have a host of others including lots of great blends.

So I spoke with her about a digestive issue my youngest has been having and I received such a blessing by her actually being able to get me the oils I should try with him that night. We are using frankincense and DigestZen on his feet (did you know the best place to put oils is the big toe? Who knew that the largest number and size pores are there?!) and on his tummy mixed with a little coconut oil. Well...I am not getting my hopes up just yet but I feel like God may have sent her to me because we have only used the oils one whole day and my sprout only spit up about a tablespoon worth...which is way less than normal!

I know that I am definitely "jumping" on the essential oils train and bringing my family along with me (and hopefully some of my readers too!)...it's hard not to when you are already seeing results! I will surely keep my teas and such in my "feel better" arsenal but essential oils will be there too...if I can keep my body purer and rely more on the things God has provided in nature I believe the gap between Creation care and health care may being to shrink.

If you would like to read more about DoTERRA oils and purchase some for your holistic medicine cabinet please visit Grace Meyer at www.mydoterra.com/gracemeyer. Please consider doing your part to support a ministry and the planet all at once!

photo from DoTERRA website, link within photo.

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  1. Thank you so much Heather for your sweet encouraging spirit and for helping to share the wonderful health benefits of DoTerra essential oils! I'm delighted to hear about the progress you're already seeing in your son and will continue to pray the Great Physician...our awesome God...will bring total healing!
    God bless you!