Hyrid to Cloth diapering

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I knew that I didn't want to use disposables. I mean, they have chemicals against baby's sensitive skin plus they take 500 years to biodegrade in a landfill (not counting the plastic bag they are in). But I DID NOT want to use cloth diapers. I thought they would be messy, smelly and time consuming. So to Google I went and after much research I found a few disposables that do not use chemicals and are biodegradable (Tushies and Nature Babycare). But I also found G Diapers! The perfect hybrid of cloth and disposable. Plus, they Velcro toward the back which is great for older babies who start to try and take their diapers off. With G Diapers the cover (which comes in tons of cute colors and patterns) and the waterproof snap in gets washed either after a blow out or after 2 reuses. You just place a flushable/compostable liner in the snap-in and your good to go! The perfect solution! I didn't think twice; we registered for them and after the first week at home (this was before they came out with the newborn size) we were a G Diaper family. Well this was, unknown to me at the time, the first step to becoming a cloth diapering mommy. Thanks to G Diaper' s G Mum/Dad program I met many like minded parents including a friend in my church. She used G Diapers for travel but she was the real deal...she cloth diapered. And so, after learning from her that cloth diapers have come a LONG way I got my first (of many to come) cloth diaper: a brown Fuzzi Bunz.

With my second child I still use G Diapers but they have come out with cloth inserts for all sizes which I now use. I have tried many brands in this journey but by far G Diapers and now Bum Genius 4.0 One Size are my favorites! Bum Genius even has organic cotton diapers which are even gentler for little heinies. I prefer the snap version.
Not only have we lost our fear of cloth diapers we have helped open eyes about the many improvements in cloth diapering... our church nursery is no longer worried they will "do them wrong" and our family sees the HUGE cost savings they have provided.

Speaking of savings, think of this, I have the cloth diapers from my first child that I can use now with my second child and I am not purchasing diapers continuously. Yes, they use water to wash but not nearly as many resources are wasted when you think about the fossil fuels, water and transportation required to make the disposables, transport them to the shops, transport them home and then transport them to the landfill.

Cloth diapers are no longer a messy, smelly plastic pant filled endeavor; I urge you to check out the sites and see how easy hybrid/cloth diapering can be!

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