Great craft to teach toddler's about nature! (You probably did this as a child)

A pine cone bird feeder! My toddler now knows that pine cones come from trees, that birds can eat birdseed, and is already starting to understand that we must care for creation. All you need (if you have never made one before) is:
Pine cones (FREE from your yard or in our case the local park)
Peanut Butter (a staple in most households but if allergies exist try almond butter)
Bird Seed (very inexpensive)
String (something easily biodegradable in case you forget to remove it once the seeds are eaten)
Take time to teach your little ones (or those around you) about sustainability and taking care of the planet...you will be surprised what they understand. A two year old does understand recycling verses trash, loves making things with nature to help nature... and much more! Let's give the next generation the tools they need to take care of our world...it's the only one we've got!

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