Eco-friendly Cloths...Your grandma would approve!

Yes, organic cotton, bamboo or other eco-fabric clothing can be expensive. But there is a growing market for these items and the prices are dropping. I mean, it says a lot when you can purchase organic clothing from baby to adult at Wal-Mart...and yes, they are quality. My son has a pair of PJ's from their organic baby line and they are super cute! But ultimately when shopping for planet kind apparel we want to support grass-roots companies that started out with the planet and health in mind and not just a company looking to profit off of the growing market (not that that is bad, just a different principle). Here, in Columbia, there is a shop that is doing just that...Kd's Treehouse on Devine Street. I LOVE this shop! Yes, they carry "boutique" brands but they have a continuously growing collection of pocket friendly brands that are adorable! Plus, a thrifty shopper like me heads straight to the ever-changing clearance racks for the best deals. My family went there last weekend for the Devine Street Sidewalk Sale and got some AMAZING deals! A sundress for $8, a swimsuit for $7.25, a swing jacket for $12.00, and other hard to beat prices. Plus, if you are on their email list you ALWAYS get a discount when you shop there (excluding artist consignment items). In December I purchased a pair of yoga pants for myself for only $2.50 (originally $58!) and a shirt for my son for $1.25 and they are both Kate Quinn...a super cute high-end organic brand! These prices are the equivalent of what I would pay at Belles & Beaus Consignment Sale. Which leads me to the point...to shop green think outside of fabrics...reduce waste by reusing! Grandma would be proud...her generation wasn't ashamed of hand-me-downs and our children shouldn't be either. I'm not talking old, worn-out clothing; everyone knows kids (especially young ones) grow so fast that they don't have time to ruin most clothing. Consignment is a win, win...you sell your old/outgrown items for a reasonable price and you get to purchase other's at a reasonable price; the planet and your pocket both win! Another option is making clothing for yourself or your kids...channel your inner Martha Stewart! Some things are super simple; you can quickly create a cute sundress out of pillowcase and ribbon or if you knit, make a hat, scarf or sweater (eco-yarn of course!) for yourself or a little one. Options are endless if you tweak your perspective...so whether you shop greener, reusing, re- purposing or creating every little bit helps!
[The items in the picture above are from Kiwi Industries sesame street line; all organic and super soft! Cookie monster's name is in English, French and Spanish]

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