Go wild! Stay local!

Browsing Pinterest the other day I happened across a recipe for ramp spread. I have known about ramps for a while but have never gotten to taste them since along with there seasonality the are not a grocery store or southern farmers market staple. But to the joy! The benefit of a Midwest spring! At the farmers market this morning I found wild ramps at one of my favorite stands, Kinnikinnick Farms. And I must say, delicious! I could eat this spread by the spoonful (but practiced restraint and saved it for yummy toasted bread in the a.m.) the flavor is so delicate, and the smell while chopping them was enough to make me salivate.
Do you have access to ramps at your local market? If so, try them...you won't be disappointed! And give this great recipe a shot too! Great to extend the life on enjoyment from your ramps.

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