Vacation time!

As summer rolls in so does vacation. Whether it be to the beach, lake, zoo, or any other adventure your family has planned. As you set off to explore here are a few eco tips to green your vacations:

1. Check your sunscreen- is it expired? What's in that stuff anyway? Most of us tend to hold on to sunscreen year in and out but sunscreen does expire; lots of chemicals, fragrances, etc. hide out in the very stuff we use to protect ourselves. I personally love California Baby and Episential sunblock.
2. Ditch the pre-bottled water...fill your own! Save the planet (and your wallet!) by filling and using your own water bottle to stay hydrated this summer.
3. Do something close to home or consider purchasing carbon offsets for longer trips; and if you rent a car see if you can go hybrid!
4. Turn your air up to keep it from cutting on while your out of town; turn off fans and other electric items "red/green lights" to save electricity (and your energy bill!)
5. Use public transportation if possible
6. If your at a hotel don't get new towels and sheets daily; most of us don't do that at home so why should we when traveling?
7. Bring your own lunch/snacks or check out local markets and restaurants to keep your meals fresh, local and organic whenever possible. And of course, pack in reusable containers!
8. Turn any trip green! Pick up trash on the beach or at the lake, remember to "only leave footprints" when camping or hiking, take every chance to teach your sprouts (if you have any) about being eco daily (a big one for us was recycling everywhere, not just at home)
9. At the beach? Rent a bike (or bring your own!) you'll get some exercise and save carbon emissions at the same time!
10. instead of buying cheap, plastic or screen printed souvenirs think about what you can make: decoupage a frame with brochures and tickets then place your family photo in the frame, decorate one with shells if it was a beach trip; how about dried flowers from a hike? The possibilities are endless and eco!

Do you have other tips/tricks that make you eco on vacation? I'd love to hear them!

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