Sunday's Eco Inspiration

Happy Easter Everyone! Today's inspiration is about the story of the first Easter, it's not a verse but rather, a reflection.

Think about how involved nature is in the Holy week and up to Easter morning. Jesus prayed in THE GARDEN, He wore a CROWN OF THORNS, He was NAILED TO A TREE, He was BURIED IN A TOMB OF STONE, the STONE WAS ROLLED AWAY, and He ASCENDED INTO THE HEAVENS. Looking at it this way, how can we not be reminded of the gift God gave us everyday? Every time we look at a tree...think of the cross. Every time you see a stone...remember the empty tomb. Reminders of the Resurrection surround us if we just look at nature through different eyes. And once you do, how could you not protect it?

Enjoy Easter, enjoy nature... and always remember the Sacrifice that Saves.

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