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I have been reading a wonderful book by Robyn O'Brian called The Unhealthy Truth that is bound to raise questions, and lots of them! While she began her research because of a food allergy in one of her sprouts this book is for anyone questioning what our modern foods are doing to our bodies, especially the bodies of our little sprouts.

She talks about soy formula and soy products and how they can have harmful effects. She references Dr. Sears quite a bit, so be sure to check out what he has to say at http://www.askdrsears.com/. Basically, soy contains isoflavones that mimic estrogen. And while it may not be an issue for full grown adults soy formula is questionable to say the least. A quick overview of Dr. Sear's reservations of soy formula:
- 30 to 50% of milk allergy sprouts have a soy allergy as well
- "protein made by big mammals for little mammals is ideal for babies" (direct quote)
- soy binds and prevents certain minerals and calcium for being properly absorbed
- high levels of aluminium (disturbed that facts basically say that no one really knows the harm level...it's like they are letting children be their little experiment)
- soy formula before intestinal closure gives a child predisposition to soy allergies later on
- higher sodium, which creates a palate that prefers saltiness...not a good health habit to start!

My issue lies with the hidden connections with Monsanto, researchers and the formula producers. It's like we have one huge hidden web of connections that help hide the issues to sell the products...everyone makes money and our children are there experiment. Now, while my sprouts are breastfed I know others who have gone the formula route that deserves this information upfront. Our sprouts are not an experiment...they are the future to a greener, more eco world.

And if your sprouts (or yourself) have food allergies check out http://www.allergykids.com/!

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