"Do what your afraid of...do what you love"

Tonight I had the privilege of attending a speaking event with Summer Rayne Oakes, eco-model and activist thanks to selling her book at the event for work. Let me just say that she is an inspiration!

I was surprised to learn of her love of insects and her studies, research, and publications regarding sewage waste & sludge. She also spends around 2 months each year working on sustainability projects in Mozambique. And this all began while at Cornell University. It is nice to see where people come from...it shapes who they are.

You could truly hear and see her passion for sustainability throughout her talk. I was most intrigued by the Uniform Project that she is doing for the month of March. Basically she wears one little black dress (that she helped design) everyday for the entire month of March. All this is documented and used to raise funds for her charity of choice: Charity: water. The goal is $10K which will build and train workers for 4 wells thanks to Payless Shoes matching dollar for dollar up to $10K. (learn more here)

I was so inspired and encouraged by Summer. She helped remind me that you need to do what makes you happy, you need to act on ideas you have...even if it scares you. I am not blogging just because...I blog because I care and I want others to be informed; if one person thinks twice about the groceries they purchase or the beauty items they use or tries their hand at making baby food then I am successful...and this is only the beginning.

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