You might think twice...

You wake up, rush to jump in the shower before starting your day, and squirt your shampoo into your hand. Then it's time to lather up...with fragrance, sulfates, preservatives, phthalates, etc. At least, if you use most of the conventional shampoos that's the case. (click here for a defining list of harmful ingredients) Many of these ingredients are linked to cancers, affect reproduction, cause headaches, and cause skin irritations/damage.

Before I began couponing (yes, you can save on eco-beauty too!) or knew what was in my health & beauty products I would often purchase solely based on price. Until my husband started to have issues with his scalp. He developed red patches that itched and burned him. With in about a month of switching to a pure, all natural shampoo it cleared right up.

Once we had children I was even more concerned about what we bathed our little sprouts in and what we used on their skin. I surely didn't want to be rubbing lotion on them that contained carcinogens or washing them in something that could one day affect their reproductive system. So I did what any concerned parent of the 21st century would do...I hopped on the Internet to do some research. That's when I came across www.cosmeticsdatabase.com. An amazing site that will tell you ratings on your products along with what's in them.

We don't purchase a home without having it inspected ourselves and we shouldn't purchase a health & beauty product without knowing what it's effects may be.

Take the time, educate yourself and make earth-friendly, health conscience decisions.

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