Who Knew?

Freezer bags and sandwich bags are very convenient...and very wasteful. I have gotten away from using plastics when packing my lunch by using the pyrex brand round containers (for my oldest sprout we use reusable BPA-free plastic because she is still only 2 1/2). But when making baby food I can't get away from freezer bags. I feel a little better knowing that Ziploc bags are now BPA-free but even though we wash and reuse the bags (if no meat has been in them) I felt so wasteful when I eventually had to toss one into the trash. Sure, they make great, eco-friendly, super cute silicone, glass and BPA-free plastic freezer containers for the foods but when it comes to price you can't do better than some $1 (for 2) BPA-free Rubbermaid ice trays and Ziploc freezer bags. And after all, my goal is to be planet friendly but also to save my family money!

Well, today I read an article on The Daily Green (click here for article link) that was wonderful news! Who knew that you can recycle your used plastic storage bags! You know the grocery bag recycling stations at grocery stores and even now at Wal-mart and Target? You can put the bags right along with those! I'll never trash one again. Recyclebank is now also partnering with Ziploc to give rewards for each bag you recycle (the pilot is starting in Texas). What is Recyclebank? Well, that's for another article on another day, but suffice to say you get rewarded for recycling and get points toward tons of great (often organic) coupons...check out www.recyclebank.com for more information until I post about all their great programs!

So, all my eco-friends, while I am still an advocate for removing as much plastic (and ALL BPA loaded plastics) from your home use as possible I think it is wonderful that we now have this option as well. So if you find yourself with some storage bags that are on there last leg don't trash them...RECYCLE!

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  1. I used to always wonder about this. Great to know we can toss them in the same group. Now I just have to get my other bags to the recycling more often!! But I AM much better about using my reusable bags =)