Homemade Baby Food: Don't be Intimidated!

Do you have a little one just starting solids? Does a friend or family member? Have you ever tasted the jarred stuff? It's pretty disgusting. Don't be afraid to make your own homemade organic baby food. I promise it is 1) easy 2) fairly quick 3) healthier and 4) taste delicious!

I made about 90% of my daughter's baby food and now my son is beginning solids so I am starting this adventure again. I love making baby food! I will typically take my Sunday afternoon and make 3 or 4 kinds of food in about 2 hours or less. Honestly, not a lot of time to devote when the result is better tasting and more nutritious. I truly believe that this has also contributed greatly to the fact that my 2 1/2 year old has a diverse palette. She loves tomatoes, hummus, avocado and a vast array of things other 2 year olds wouldn't dare touch. But do you blame them? I have tasted baby food (for a classroom geriatrics project) and it was bland and not even close to the "real deal". Plus, most stage one options are super limited. I mean apples, bananas, green peas or beans, and sweet potatoes... BORING after a while.

So, here's my philosophy: make your own food as often as possible, START with veggies and lots of them then go to fruits (introduce one per 4 to 5 days to make sure there are not allergies)...I truly feel this is key in raising a child that will eat and enjoy their vegetables, and finally, just because you've never had it don't be afraid to try it! We tried parsnips along with our daughter and now they are a seasonal staple in our home.

All you need to get started:

A mesh sieve
food processor, mill or blender
BPA-free ice trays
freezer bags
fresh or frozen organic produce

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