Oregano...how I love thee!

I am FINALLY ready for sandal season! I have my feet back!

This may be TMI but for the past year or so I have struggled with warts. On my big toe, on my heel and the bottom of my foot. I have no clue how it started but man, it was embarrassing! I would only wear flip flops with jeans that covered my heels, etc. 

I knew that oregano oil was great for warts so I tried it. But I made the mistake of not continuing the oil once they started to go away. So they returned with a vengeance. I tried over the counter stuff, duct tape, everything! Why I didn't go back to what worked? Who knows! However, NOTHING worked! 

So, back to the oil. In the morning and at night. Adding Frankincense at night. And they are finally gone! I'm still oiling the spots (like I should have all along) to make sure the root is truly dead but yet another success story for essential oils! I can't wait to get some cute new sandals to show off my renewed feet!

My journey with oils began with my son was a baby with GI issues. They helped heal him when doctors couldn't figure out what was up. And I have continuously been amazed by them ever sense! 

Here's some other uses/benefits of Oregano oil: 
Cold and Flu

Sore Throat
Throat Infection
Yeast Infection

It's so powerful! Just be careful to use a carrier oil (like coconut oil) it is a hot oil. 

If you're interested in getting some oils of your own please visit my online shop at www.mydoterra.com/simplyeco. Not all oils are created equal! I would love to encourage everyone to realize they can take control of their health and their families health...nature has sure healing properties!

And remember to Eco-Live and Laugh! 

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