Apitherapy Honey

This week at the market I picked up a jar of local apitherapy honey, it's SO delicious! Plus there are a TON of health benefits. I'd love to share a few with you in tribute to yet another wonder from our friends, the bees!

- this honey if raw and unfiltered; it contains propolis, pollen, bits of wax, etc. it's creamy and delicious alone or spread on everything!

- pollen in honey from your local area does wonders to help curb seasonal allergies

- this stimulates the function of the immune system

- great for: coughs, sore throats, some ulcers, bad breath and reduces inflammation of mucus membranes. All because of the propolis!

- see what Dr. Weil says here 
- see what Living Green says here
- check out the brand I purchased here ( it's AMAZING! I got the clover but the buckwheat is great too)

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